Friday, February 6, 2009

Mail Day

The weather warmed up enough during the night that I decided to make the trip over to the road system and pick up are mail that a friend had brought out yeaterday. If one goes all the way it is 75 miles one way to get to the post office. This way I had to travel only the overland part by snow machine, about a 18 mile round trip.

It was a nice bright day with light winds and -25F when I left the house. Saw one raven at the oil field camp where I picked up the mail and five caribou along the trail. Drove past one cow in the morning that was about 50 yards off the trail, she was curled up chewing her cud and in the frosty morning didn't want to get up. On the way home she had moved off to the south a mile or so and busy feeding.

Till next time -- Jim
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