Thursday, March 5, 2009

Roaring March

Catch up notes March 1-5
March came in with a bang, high winds, fresh snow, and blowing snow that created blizzard conditions that at times had the visibility down to less than 150'. With all the fresh snow and winds that peaked out at 62 mph more snow was added to the already large drifts around the buildings and created several nice snow sculptures in the yard.

Late in the afternoon skies started to clear and temperature started down as did the wind chill.
By 8pm you could see the moon and Venus off to the SW. Went out at 1030pm but only stars out no aurora and visibility was up to 6 miles in mist drifting snow, wsw at 14mph -20F.

Monday March 2
Today it is bright sunshine and very light to calm winds with unlimited visibility, and even though it is -28F you can feel the heat from the bright sun.

Did the monthly river ice check today and the ice is now at 47 inches.

March 2-3
After a long spell of cloudy or stormy weather the clear skies during the night allowed for star gazing and even a few aurora were out. I was out most of the night and the best shots were taken just after 2 AM, even then they only lasted about 20 minutes then faded away for the night.

March 4
Another beautiful day with lots of bright sunshine and light winds. Nice weather continued into the night and I spent several hours out side again enjoying the northern lights. From mid-night to around 4:30 AM we had some of the best aurora activity that we have had in weeks.

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