Monday, April 20, 2009

No New Birds, Just a Lovely Red Fox

Well it turns out that the snow bunting that was sighted in the evening of the 18th was just passing through. So we still don’t have any birds feeding at the feeder yet.

We did have a lovely visitor this afternoon that stayed around for about a half hour looking for fish scrapes that our dog Toby had left about. We have had both the red fox and a couple white foxes around but lately they have been around only at night, and just their tracks visible in the morning light to let one know they were here .AF_Tracks_2945RF_Face1_0414

Today the male red fox came by as we were getting ready for lunch and we watched him out the kitchen window. The snow drifts are so deep around the house that he came right up and looked in the window! I was able to get a picture of him looking at us looking at him. RedFox3sm_0435He then check other area in the yard then headed back up river towards the area that has nice sand dunes where there has been a den for many years.

It was bright sunshine for most of the day and our warmest so far this month getting up to +9F. The wind has also changed direction and is starting to blow from the south so maybe that combined with warmer temperatures will bring the snow buntings. It has been a cold spring and looking back to 2004 we had seven snow buntings here on this date.

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